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With a Harvester gift cards, you can treat your friends and family to Harvester's fresh and exciting flavours any time they fancy.

1. The Gift Card may not be exchanged for cash. 2. The Gift Card is not a cheque guarantee, credit, debit or charge card. 3. No change will be given but the balance can be used for future purchases. 4. We will not be held liable for lost or stolen cards - protect this as you would cash. 5. To check the balance of your Gift Card, please visit www.showmybalance.com/login.aspx and follow the simple instructions. 6. A Gift Card is valid for 24 months from the later of the date that any value was last loaded onto the Gift Card, or the date that any value on the Gift Card was last redeemed 7. The Gift Card is valid at any Mitchells & Butlers venue in the UK. You can search all available venues at www.thediningoutgiftcard.co.uk/ The Gift Card cannot be used (i) to make any online purchase (ii) at any Moto or other Mitchells & Butlers franchise or (iii) at any site not managed by Mitchells & Butlers: please check with your server that the Gift Card can be used at the particular site before ordering. 8. Gift Cards can be purchased with a minimum value of £5, up to a maximum of £250. 9. SMS and email Gift Cards should be treated as cash. If deleted they will not be resent. 10. Email Gift Cards are valid either presented on a smart phone or printed out.

Redemption instructions: 1. Navigate to PAY screen. 2. Select GIFT PAYMENT. 3. Manually key in the card number above to complete the transaction. 4. If any balance remains, return the printed page to the guest.
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